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Hi! I’m sorry, I’m here! I’ve just had an incredibly punishing week, and couldn’t really find the time to update properly— all I could hypothetically manage to fit in were quote posts, but this place was beginning to turn into TOTES MCQUOTES 24/7 ALL DAY EVERY DAY and I felt like that would just be really repetitive. It was very difficult for me to resist sharing quotes from medieval mystic women whose favorite thing ever is eating meat, but anyway, sorry about that! And… sorry in advance, because the semester’s just begun, this workload ain’t going nowhere, baby.

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You’re absolutely right— I used the word “lady” mostly because of the rather tongue-in-cheek valence that it has taken on in modern use, but Dame Who Is Also A Knight would be definitely more in line with the whole setting. Thank you for keeping me in check, I HEREBY HIRE YOU AS MY HISTORICAL ADVISOR. You get to stand beside my handmade throne of straw and ash and look appalled at the violence I perpetrate upon history, and then you get to suffer from stress ulcers until you die of an aneurysm that puts a blissful end to a life filled with undeserved agony! Please send photo.



(Sorry about the censorship, still trying to let things ebb away a bit.) Okay first of all STOP, I only wish I could be as flawless with my foreign language attempts as you are! As for those two characters, I am still undecided on how exactly they’ll come into the story or if they will at all, but even if they don’t, they might as well exist somewhere unseen in the same universe, because why not, right?

Mouthy Blacksmith’s Apprentice is basically me spoiling myself because I am a huge perennial sucker for mouthy characters. He runs errands and gets soot all over his leather apron and complains nonstop about child labor laws (even though he is, like, nineteen or something, and also working very sensible hours). Socially Awkward Meteorologist lives in one of those high-rise towers that princesses get locked up in all the time, except she is renting it for good money because she wants to study cloud formation. She likes people, but has sort of forgotten how to interact with them. She is considering doing curls in her spare time so that she can balance out the magnificent leg muscles she is developing from climbing up and down all those stairs day in and day out.



AHHH THAT’S ADORABLE ;__; My inability to come up with names for any potential other characters probably means that I will try to keep things even by referring to these two by their unwieldy current names, but THIS IS SUPER CUTE, ANON. Since they would be roughly contemporaneous with Marie de France, wouldn’t it be fun if people referred to her as Le Saule! Also that makes them contemporaneous with Chrétien de Troyes as well, cue EVERYONE CALLING HIM “LANCELOT” IRONICALLY, but he doesn’t care, he’ll CALL HIMSELF “LANCELOT” IRONICALLY, HOW ABOUT THAT. YOU CAN’T BRING HIM DOWN.

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